Physical distancing during the COVID-19 pandemic has made partner workouts difficult if your gym partner isn’t from the same household.  We try our best to minimize our contact with others, but there’s no denying that partner workouts add another dimension to working out.

I used to be one of those people who put my headphones into my ears, listened to some angry music, and banged out my workout on a solo mission.  I still have no issue with this, but having a training partner or completing a partner workout can be fun and rewarding.

You will need to find someone who has a similar level/competence of fitness.  Enthusiasm is a great qualifier as well.  If you find the right workout partner, you might consider adding a partner workout or two into your weekly workout regimen.  During a partner workout, you might find that you’re more energetic, you push yourself harder, and you may even have a bit of fun doing so.

What makes partner or team workouts so effective?  Today, we explore a few reasons and encourage you to see for yourself!

High Intensity Interval Training

One reason partner workouts are so effective is because there are intervals inherently built into your workout.  If you use the you-go-I-go method where your partner is resting while you are working and vice versa, you are essentially doing a high intensity interval workout.  

This method of training has been researched thoroughly and has been suggested to be one of the most effective types of exercise and conditioning.  We know that performing exercises in intense bursts can be a great way to push your body.  I have always enjoyed this type of training as opposed to steady-state cardio.  

Your Partner Holds You Accountable

Not only are you striving to meet your own expectations while you are working, but you want to perform for your partner/team as well.  Having someone to tell you how many reps you need to complete or another goal for your set/workout can be a great motivator.  You and your partner should both have each others’ best interest in mind.

A good partner knows how to push the pace and keep you on track. They should be a great contributor themselves and hopefully you trust them and respect their opinion if they tell you that you are slacking.  Having a trustworthy spotter, friendly competitor, and a second pair of eyes to watch your movements can be a huge benefit of training with a partner.

The Element of Teamwork

For those of you who have played team sports, you know exactly what I’m about to say.  There’s nothing like a team dynamic.  Even as an adult who has long been removed from competitive athletics, I still get that magical feeling when the clock is about to start for a partner workout.  

In your mind, you know that your effort is directly correlated with the success of your team.  You and your partner(s) strive to get the most reps, complete the workout in the fastest time, or move the most weight.  Being a part of a team gives you that feeling that can’t be emulated on your own.  

Closing Thoughts

I’m fortunate to attend a gym where we have a partner workout every Wednesday and a team workout (three people) every Saturday.  These are the only days I consider mandatory where I must go to the gym instead of workout at home/outside.

You may find that you are not a fan of partner workouts, but I encourage you to try.  At the time of writing this, we are still navigating the COVID-19 pandemic, so I must say that physical distancing and safety is of the utmost importance.  Be smart about your partner workouts.  Use separate equipment, distance yourselves, clean up afterward, etc.  

Partner workouts may be a way for you to spice up your fitness life.  Perhaps you’re already a partner workout aficionado.. What is a favorite partner/team workout of yours?  Drop a comment below and we may just have to give your workout a try!

Until next time.. Stay moving!

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