When Two is Better Than One: How a Training Partner Can Make The Gym Better

By February 10, 2020 3 Comments

Shaq AND Kobe, Simon AND Garfunkel, Batman AND Robin… Some people just perform better together.  Since the beginning of time there have been dynamic duos in every avenue of life. Many times, as individuals, these people experience great success, but once they’re teamed with a sidekick, they achieve at the highest of levels.  Like two puzzle pieces perfectly complimenting each other, having a partner to tackle life with makes many things easier. Physical fitness is no different. If you’re struggling with consistency or you’re in a workout rut, something as simple as teaming up with a friend may make all the difference in the world.  


As humans it’s very easy to come up with excuses as to why we can’t go to the gym.  I’m too tired after work, I’m not in good enough shape yet, I’m not a morning person, etc.  Many times it’s easier to talk ourselves out of the gym than it is to talk ourselves into the gym.  Having a workout partner makes coming up with reasons to skip the gym much more difficult. Each week, make a plan with your partner to decide what times you are going to train.  Pick three times that work for both of you and stick to them. Knowing that a person is depending on you to meet them at the gym to train will help push you to show up and get to work.  After all, the hardest part of working out is getting to the gym.  

Provide the Extra Push 

Once you’ve made it to the gym, having a training partner can be an excellent way to add some intensity to your workout.  Share your goals with your partner. Tell them what you would like to accomplish, and ask them to help you get there. A partner can be the difference between going up 10 pounds on your final set, or staying the same, a partner can help spot you through an extra rep on a tough set, and a partner can be someone to chat with during a steady state cardio workout you weren’t going to do on your own.  With fitness, your ability to intrinsically motivate yourself is your key to success, however, having a partner to push you can increase your efforts immensely.  

More Fun 

One of the best things about working out is that it’s fun.  It’s an opportunity to forget about the real world for a bit and enjoy spending some time focusing on your own health.  A partner can make training even more enjoyable. They provide someone to shoot the breeze with during rest time and a partner allows you to relive all your best training moments long after the workout is complete.  I love being able to talk about how hard a workout was or how big of a PR I hit on a challenging lift. Having a friend to train with and go through those moments with you makes the stories and the memory recollection that much better.  Having a partner allows you to create a challenge during each workout. Compete against them. Creating challenges and competing makes every workout more fun.  

Closing Thoughts 

The cliche “Life’s a marathon, not a sprint,” applies perfectly to fitness.  Your health isn’t something that you can complete in a week, month, or year. It is something that you must dedicate your life to.  You must make little choices each day that eventually add up to a lifelong bill of great health. This being said, the goal of health can get daunting.  It can be a difficult challenge to take on alone. If you’re looking for increased accountability, an extra push, or a way to have more fun in the gym, finding a workout partner may be your ticket.  Who knows, maybe you two will become the next dynamic duo! If you can think of other ways a partner can enhance your gym experience, let us know. Shoot us a line below, and let’s tackle this fitness journey together.   


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