What Makes Leap Year Special?

By February 27, 2020 No Comments

Is Leap Day a holiday?  Perhaps – but I think of it more as an opportunity.  Every four years, we get one extra day. I understand that there isn’t much of a logistical difference between the elusive February 29 and the seemingly ordinary March 1.  However, successful people capitalize on ordinary opportunities and turn them into extraordinary ones. There’s something mystical about a day that only comes around once every four years.

Leap Day falls on a Saturday this year.  I encourage everyone to take advantage of that extra day before March 1 rolls around.  It may be clichéd for me to say that you should, “Grind on this extra day,” or “Take advantage of this extra day while other people relax.”  In my heart, I feel that you should make the most out of this day – whatever that means for you.  Spend it with loved ones, friends, watching Netflix, training, building your business.. But whatever you do, be mindful and present in the moment.  

I find myself starting my week every Monday morning excited and ready to go.  I blink and, all of a sudden, it’s Sunday night and I’m preparing for the next week.  Sometimes, I feel that I drift into autopilot. Leap Day is a great excuse to be mindful of that one extra, special day in your 2020.  

My goal for this year is to be more present.  That sounds like an arbitrary goal that is difficult to measure (which we usually avoid), but I feel like it is necessary for me.  I want to live each day as though it is a special occurrence (because it is)! I simply wanted to share some Leap Year thoughts with you all and wish you a fantastic Leap Day.  

If you have any special plans or traditions for this day, we would love to hear about them below.

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