Let’s address the elephant in the room.. The jump rope is hard.  No matter how good you are, it only takes one misstep where the rope whips you on the back of your leg and you’re ready to chuck your rope in the trash.

While jumping rope can have it’s challenges, it is also incredibly rewarding once you reach a certain level of proficiency.  

In order to build your jump rope skills, you must practice.  Not only should you practice, but you should diversify your training.  This will help you develop biomechanics that transfer from the jump rope to other things in day-to-day life.

Why Should I Jump Rope?

The jump rope has been a conditioning tool used by athletes for many years.  The jump rope requires skill, endurance, and mental focus.  Boxers jump rope to prepare their bodies for combat and kids jump rope at recess to play.  Jumping rope as exercise can have benefits on your cardiocirculatory system as well as your muscles, bones, tendons and ligaments.  

Jumping rope is considered an impact exercise and carries pros and cons as such.  Train smart when jumping rope and be sure to warm up properly and recover!

Jumping rope has been a staple of Milo programming for years.  There are many exercises that can be done with a jump rope and we wanted to share a few of our favorites.

Jump Rope Single Under

This is your traditional jump where the rope passes under your feet once every time you leave the ground.  This is a great way to establish the rhythm of jumping rope and is our recommendation as the first exercise you should master.

Jump Rope Single Leg Hop

When there is an opportunity to train unilaterally, we like to take advantage of it.  Many exercises lock us into bilateral movement, but the Single Leg Hop allows us to work balance, coordination, and power of one leg at a time.  Safety is very important with this movement because a one-legged hop can stress the knee and ankle.  Be mindful and deliberate with your technique. 

Jump Rope Runner 

This is the move you often see combat sport athletes doing to train quick footwork, power, and stamina.  It doesn’t take long for this exercise to exhaust your legs and lungs.

Jump Rope Side to Side

We couldn’t build a list of jump rope exercises without throwing in a lateral movement.  It’s important to move in all three planes of motion.  This one can prove difficult, but is a great way to switch it up.

Jump Rope Double Under

The coveted Double Under.. Popularized by CrossFit, this exercise requires you to get two rotations of the rope every time your feet leave the ground.  My advice: Focus on where you jump and land every time.  You want to be as precise as possible.  Jump once, flick twice.

Jump Rope Alternating Cross

Perhaps the hardest on the list, this movement gets you moving in the transverse plane as well.  Crossing your arms in front of your body and continuing the jumping motion is no easy task.. But DANG, you are going to look cool if you get it down!

Closing Thoughts

Jumping rope can be used as a warm up, a conditioning circuit, or a simply a fun way to burn some calories.  

Don’t overthink it.  Sometimes, it’s fun to just grab your rope and freestyle a bit.  This can lead to different routines and a bit of artistry during your workout.

What are your favorite jump rope exercises?  Do you jump rope at least once each week?

We’d love to know your thoughts – and until next time.. Stay moving!

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