MILO 6 Week Summer Training Camp

If you are looking to push yourself to the next level with evidence-based training and build camaraderie with your peers in a healthy and competitive environment, the MILO Training Camp is for you!

MILO Coaches, Alex Martenson and Kyle Rothbauer, will be putting on a six week summer training camp at CrossFit 239. This camp is dedicated to maximizing athletic performance. Learn to move and lift with proper biomechanics, build strength and explosiveness, improve speed and train your fast-twitch muscles, develop mobility and learn techniques for injury prevention. 

The camp will take place June 20 through July 29. There will be a 1 hour training session on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday of every week. This camp is optimized for pushing yourself when you’re in the gym and then taking an active approach to your recovery.

There are limited spots available for athletes. Once you purchase your spot, you will receive a confirmation email and you will be added to our newsletter. If you have any questions, reach out to us at