New Year, New Me… Kind Of

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Every year, without question, the New Year is accompanied with the phrase “New Year, New Me!”  I’ve said it, my friends have said it, and I’m sure many of you have said it. As December 31 rolls into January 1, our calendar provides a beautiful opportunity for a fresh start.  This being said, many of us choose to start brand-new habits hoping the notion of a new year will provide us with the motivation and discipline to tackle even the most elaborate of goals.  Four weeks into 2020, how are things going? I’ve talked to many people who have already claimed that they’ve failed on their goals. Does this mean that our chance to begin 2020 with the slogan, “New Year, New Me” has expired?  Not at all! With an expanded vision and some self-leniency, we can turn our early struggles into a yearlong success story. 

Refine Your Intentions

How many of you started 2020 with a goal to Eat Healthier?  If you’re anything like me, this goal was accompanied with a list of many, many absolutes that even the most disciplined person on earth would struggle with.  Eating healthy means NO soda, NO candy, NO chips, NO cookies, and certainly NO gluten! I’d hate to be the person who had their 2020 goals destroyed at their New Year’s party because Shelly from work accidentally contaminated the pulled pork with a few breadcrumbs.  Absolute goals like NO gluten, workout EVERYday, and ALWAYS read before bed set us up for failure. If your goal was to go the rest of your life without a certain food, what happens when you cave to temptation? Do you throw your goal out the window? ABSOLUTELY not! (see what I did there)  Instead, rephrase your goals to help you achieve success. Change “I will go to the gym EVERYday” to “I will go to the gym at least three times a week.” Change “I will NEVER eat candy” to “I will limit my candy intake to once a month.” By refining your goals you prevent yourself from instantly failing and give yourself an opportunity to have sustainable success. 

Less is More

As the New Year turns, it’s a habit for us to make radical changes.  We overanalyze all the areas we need to improve in our lives and set complex goals for each one.  Just like being too restrictive, having too many goals can be overwhelming. If you struggled in ten different areas in 2019, the likelihood of you being able to completely change those things at the drop of a hat is pretty slim.  Instead, less is more. Focus on one or two categories that you’d like to improve on and dedicate 2020 to creating new habits that will positively influence your life. Start with a few, small goals that will make a big difference, long-term.

Don’t forget to Have Fun

The beauty of setting new goals is recognizing an area we want to improve and challenging ourselves to make that goal come to fruition.  Challenge is the best part. It’s never easy to change habits, but when you do, you can be very excited and proud of your new behavior. If it is your goal to increase your bench press by 50 pounds, you must first realize that it will take time to accomplish this task.  You will have to map out your plan, train really hard, and make small improvements that, over time, lead to an awesome accomplishment. The process of obtaining your goal can be enjoyable. Be excited to work towards your goal each day. Accept the successes and setbacks that come with setting your sights on making a positive change.  Have fun training, have fun pushing yourself, and have fun making little improvements each day.

Closing Thoughts

The concept of “New Year, New Me,” can be daunting.  Attempting to reinvent yourself overnight opens the door to setbacks and disappointment.  Looking at a massive goal list with extremely specific details can produce an insurmountable roadblock.  Instead, refine your intentions, condense your list to encompass a ‘less is more’ mindset, and don’t forget to have fun through your process.  By practicing these three concepts, you can make 2020 a year to establish some life-changing new habits.  

What are you going to do today to reignite your new year goals?  Shoot us a comment below and let’s tackle 2020 together.    

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