You can’t be everything to everybody.  

This is a concept that we’ve written about before, but as the world continues to change, it’s worth reminding you in a time of massive adaptation.  

As a young trainer, I made the mistake of wanting to help everybody.  While I may have felt qualified to help everybody, realistically, I became much more effective at helping a specific type of person.

Today, we share with you our thoughts on finding your fitness niche and how you can become more productive and successful in your business.

One Inch Wide, One Mile Deep 

The phrase “Inch wide and mile deep” means that you are laser-focused on one area, but dig into that area with incredible intensity.  Focusing on too many items divides your attention and can cause you to be ‘spread too thin.’ 

When you focus your efforts on one particular area of your training business, you are much more likely to grow in that area.  As you widen your aim, it becomes more difficult to hit the target.  

When applying this concept to the fitness industry, it is incredibly important to find a focus.  Why have so many people and companies been able to find success with fitness equipment, gym memberships, and remote training services?  Wouldn’t you think that the market is saturated?

Fitness companies and coaches find success by narrowing their focus and catering to a very specific population.  If you are hoping to coach anybody and everybody, you may be able to do that on a small scale, but it is difficult to get traction to really grow your outreach.  Concentrate your efforts and go deep.

Become The Expert

In a world with so many ‘experts,’ you must earn some credibility.  It is difficult to do this when you don’t have a specific population to work with.  “I’m an expert in training everybody” sounds less credible than, “I specialize in working with female power-athletes, ages 18-24.”

See the difference?  If you have a unique skillset or have an affinity for working with a certain group of people, you should focus your efforts on building that part of your business.

Once you find the niche that you want to work within, you must establish yourself as an expert in that particular field.  You should write blogs, post social media content, collaborate with others in that field, etc.  This is how you build a solid reputation and help others become familiar with you and your business.  As coaches, we must be more accessible and transparent than ever before.  Becoming an expert in your niche will help your clients trust you and your work.

Client Referrals

Once you have established yourself as a major player in your niche, you should rely on your clients to help you.  

Do you have people who rave about your fantastic services?  ASK them for their help.  See if they would be willing to write you testimonials.  Ask if they would create a video explaining why they chose you and continue to work with you.  Perhaps, they have a friend or loved one who would be interested in your services – it pays to ask!  

Client referrals are incredibly powerful.  We are tribal creatures and when we have an incredible experience, we like to share it with others.  If you can create a fitness/training experience worth talking about, surely there are others in your niche that your own clients could help you reach.  Again, don’t think too wide – focus on going deep.

Closing Thoughts

Finding your fitness niche may not be easy, but it is incredibly important.  Staying in tune with your audience becomes much easier when you narrow your focus.  People of a similar population will have similar goals, challenges, and opinions. It is your duty to become an expert in these elements of your client-coach relationship.

Care to chat about what your niche is or what it could be?  We would love to hear from you!  

Email us at or leave a comment below and let’s get the discussion rolling.

Until next time, stay moving!

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