5 Things to Consider When Programming for Fitness

By Milo | August 24, 2020

Coaches and fitness enthusiasts:  If you plan to create a fitness program, there are some important elements that you must consider. Admittedly, each of these topics could use their own…

5 Killer Burpee Variations

By Milo | August 17, 2020

What makes the burpee so special? When I explain the burpee to first-time clients, I always feel it’s important to mention that the burpee is a fundamental, functional exercise.  What…

Why Partner Workouts are So Effective

By Milo | August 10, 2020

Physical distancing during the COVID-19 pandemic has made partner workouts difficult if your gym partner isn’t from the same household.  We try our best to minimize our contact with others,…

3 Transverse Core Building Exercises

By Milo | August 3, 2020

What does it mean to move in the transverse plane and why should we care?  The three planes of motion are the sagittal plane, the frontal plane, and the transverse…

Where Most Training Programs Fall Short..

By Milo | July 27, 2020

For many people, it’s hard enough to get started with exercise.  However, if you get bit by the exercise bug (and many of our Milo Family have been), it can…

Six Fundamental Jump Rope Exercises

By Milo | July 20, 2020

Let’s address the elephant in the room.. The jump rope is hard.  No matter how good you are, it only takes one misstep where the rope whips you on the…

3 Reasons You Should Overhead Squat

By Milo | July 13, 2020

The Squat’s Ugly Stepsister..

The overhead squat is an exercise that most people shy away from. We’ve heard all of the objections:

It’s too hard.

I can’t go as heavy.
I don’t have the flexibility.

Time to put the excuses to rest!

What is Your Body Telling You?

By Milo | July 6, 2020

How often do you truly listen to your body?  Are you in tune with what your body is trying to tell you? Our bodies are amazing machines.  We have the…

How Hard is Too Hard?

By Milo | June 29, 2020

I’ll start by saying that my take on this topic may be controversial. Can you remember a time where you worked out and perhaps pushed it a bit too far?…