Are Your Fitness Goals Sustainable?

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SMART Goals… we’ve all heard of them.  While I’m not the biggest fan of cookie-cutter goal setting, the ‘S’ is pretty important:  Sustainable.  

There’s a careful balance with sustainability.  On one hand, we need your goal to be within reach.  On the other hand, we need your goal to be challenging and force you to stretch and get uncomfortable.  I feel like a broken record sometimes, but I think it’s important to note that you need to be playing the long game.  Both short term and long term goals are important to have. Having a sustainable-but-challenging goal is a great recipe for success.  So how do we achieve this?

2020 So Far…

We are two weeks into your 2020.  How are you doing so far? Have you taken steps toward achieving your goals?  Have you already put your goals on the backburner? If you are going to conquer your 2020 resolutions, you must audit your actions regularly.  In this case, take a look at the last two weeks. Ask yourself these questions:

Am I on track to accomplish what I want to in 2020?

Do I need to change something or course correct?

Are the people around me supportive of my 2020 goals?

How am I measuring my own success?

Macro- and Micro-Goals

Macro-goals are long-term goals that can be broken down into smaller, short term micro-goals.  A macro-goal may be losing 30 lbs by the end of 2020. There are two ways to go about this. There is the ‘cram before the test’ method of procrastinating through most of 2020 and then all of a sudden trying to accomplish your goal all at once.  Then, there is the more sustainable method of breaking 30 lbs down into increments throughout the year:  3 lbs by February 1, 6 lbs by March 1, etc.  

The compound effect is incredibly powerful.  Oftentimes, we forgo our aspirations because what we want is difficult to attain and we cannot get what we want immediately.  As a society who is used to instant gratification, when our goals take time, we have the tendency to pivot or give up. It is important to stay the course and build upon the success of achieving our micro-goals, knowing that the cumulative effect will pay off.

Build on Your Momentum

As you keep chipping away at your goal, you will have small victories throughout the year.  As mentioned earlier, these small victories add up to larger ones in the end. Taking advantage of your own self-created momentum is key to conquering adversity.  Going along with our ‘lose 30 lbs’ example, if you began the year by losing 3 lbs by February 1, you should carry that momentum directly into the next month.  

You’ve heard of Murphy’s Law:  If something bad can happen, it will happen.  Well, I’m here to share Milo’s Law: If something good can happen, it will happen!  

Attract positivity into your life by being a positive person.  This comes from building on your victories, moving forward relentlessly, and expecting to conquer your goals.

Closing Thoughts

While goal-setting isn’t rocket science, it is important to be deliberate and intentional with your goals.  Goals aren’t a ‘set it and forget it’ kind of thing. Goals require continuous attention. Sustainable goals should challenge you, but also keep you excited because you are seeing the benefits of pursuing them.  I’m a huge believer in speaking your goals out loud, writing them down, and sharing them with other people.  

If you would like to share your goal on this page, please comment below and let’s support one another as goal conquerors in 2020.

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