You can get a great pair of rings for around $40.  There are so many exercises you can do with them.  Whenever we go on a road trip, we pack the rings and string them up on a tree when we need a workout.  

Rings are different from many other training modalities because they require a great deal of stabilization.  Building strength with rings not only enables your muscles to generate more force, but I believe there is an improvement to your proprioception.  This plays in directly with your overall athleticism and ability to use your body as a unit.  Check out a few of our favorite ring exercises below.  As always, these movements are scalable (either up or down) based on your ability level.  

Ring Knee Raise

The Ring Knee Raise is an exercise for your core.  Not only do you have to hold the ring dip position, but you should also try to avoid swinging back and forth.  Keep your triceps locked out and press through your shoulders as you crunch your knees up to parallel with the floor.

Ring Row

The Ring Row is a pulling movement that works your back and biceps.  These are the primary pulling muscles, but the most underrated part about the Ring Row is the core activation.  Your goal is to tighten your back, glutes and hamstrings to avoid letting your posture sag.  This focuses the tension on your pulling muscles, rather than using momentum to complete the movement.  This exercise is one of my favorite movements to develop a strong pull.

Ring Dip

We skipped right by the Ring Push Ups and went for the real challenge.  Ring Dips require tremendous strength and control in the upper body, but can be a fantastic strength builder for your chest, shoulders, and triceps.  These pushing muscles can be taxed in many different ways, but the instability of the rings really taps into your focus and ability to stay tight throughout the movement.  Ring Dips are a great way to develop strong, athletic pushing muscles.

Closing Thoughts

Whether you are starting out in your fitness journey or you are a seasoned exerciser, you can find value and a good challenge with ring-based exercise.  Calisthenics are undergoing a renaissance in our training community.  They are extremely effective and require minimal equipment.  

What are some of your favorite ring exercises?  Let us know in a comment below and until next time.. Stay moving!

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